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River Tyme – De Pere Cruise List


River Tyme Too – Appleton Cruise List

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Public Cruises on River Tyme – De Pere:

Meet River Tyme, if you have not met her as of yet. She is a wonderfully built, one-of-a-kind riverboat! Created in 1953 in Indiana, she has served many states in her day. We found her on the Finger Lakes in New York and fell in love with her, brought her to Wisconsin in the fall of 2015 and took that winter season to give her a few tweaks and upgrades. We know you have questions! Here are some answers!

Location & Route:
De Pere, just south of Green Bay, is River Tyme’s home port. She is docked just upstream from the De Pere Lock, right next to the Ennis Inn Hotel. Most of the time, our primary captain – Captain Max – takes her upriver to Little Rapids and back. Then, every once in awhile, he gets crazy and goes thru the De Pere Lock and heads towards Green Bay. The first route is scenic with natural shorelines and very nice homes. The second is scenic with industry and businesses against the water. Either way, see the Fox River and the cities and towns along her shore like you haven’t seen them before by coming on one or more of our public cruises. Gain a new perspective!

We offer many different tours to match a variety of budgets and interests. Visit our ticket booth May – October or River Tyme Bistro in Appleton at 425 West Water Street. If you want to buy tickets in person or just ask questions face to face.  Otherwise, we are always here for you online! 

101 James Street in De Pere. We have parking across the street from the boat available every day.

Please check in at the ticket booth in the parking lot no matter where you park. Thank you! See you soon! Oh, and if you are looking for somewhere close to Stay the Night or Grab a Bite check out this link!

River Tyme – De Pere Cruise List


Public Cruises on River Tyme Too – Appleton:

Meet our newest addition to the Fox River Tours Family – River Tyme Too! We found her along the side of the road in Athelstane, with a For Sale Sign on her, waiting for us. She is also a wonderfully built, one-of-a-kind ….. canal boat. She was created in 1981 right here in Wisconsin, in La Crosse. Her entire life was spent in the Peshtigo River System giving public cruises, or the fields of Peshtigo when her owners needed a break. That is, until we found her in Spring of 2017. She might be shy about having big city folk onboard – please visit and reassure her we are plenty friendly! Your questions are hopefully mostly answered here.

Location & Route:

181 RiverHeath Way in Appleton. That’s the boat’s location, home dock and pick up and drop-off point!

Located in Appleton, just north of Lake Winnebago, is River Tyme Too’s home port. She is docked just below the College Avenue Bridge, at RiverHeath – a redeveloped paper mill site now housing condos, coffee shops, restaurants, retail shops and a new hotel. Most of the time, our captains will be traveling downriver to Kimberly/Little Chute and back. Every once in a while we will head thru the Cedars Lock and go all the way to Little Chute, or go thru the 4 Appleton Locks. See this pretty stretch of the Fox River, with all of its varied landscape.

We offer many different tours to match a variety of interests. 

When it is time to get down to the boat, the easiest way to find us is to head to the Banta Bowl, go down the hill and turn right, go past two of the three RiverHeath complexes and head toward the river. It is difficult to see us because our roof barely peaks up above the grass on the high shoreline. Parking is a challenge at times – keep hunting for the spots, they will show up in one of the 3 or 4 lots around the buildings. 

We dock in front of Tempest Coffee Collective, and they have generously let our customers borrow their restroom prior to the cruise. This is a gift to us, so if you do use it, please be extra kind to their customers and give them a big thank you. They do not sell tickets for us, though. We do not have a ticket booth in Appleton – if you need to talk to someone in person, please call 920-422-6300 and we will take care of everything for you! And if you are looking for somewhere close to Stay the Night or Grab a Bite check out this link.

Our new restaurant, the River Tyme Bistro is our hub where we sell tickets, gift certificates (and of course food and drink!). Come see us when we are open at 425 West Water Street in Appleton and enjoy some of the best food, craft cocktails, and coffee in town. Did we mention our famous outdoor deck overlooking the damn, and our historic river?

River Tyme Too – Appleton Cruise List


River Tyme leaving its home port in De Pere