Private Charters

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Two to three hours, on the river, to call our 1953 riverboat yours. Routes are variable; we’ll even stop along the way to visit an area establishment if you have your heart set on it … if we are able to reach the dock, and we are able to convince them to let us in.

What You Get
The ultimate flexibility: You pick the date, you pick the time, you pick the drink, and most importantly, you pick the guests. We will work with you to make reality whatever floats your boat. Anything you can do on land, you can do much better on the water. We know this not only because you will be on the water, but because we promise to go that extra mile to exceed your expectations at each bend.

That means we have personally done taste testings with each of our catering choices to make sure the food we offer is of the utmost quality, even though you are enjoying it off site of the restaurant. We have multiple table/chair configurations to choose from to make sure your event flows beautifully. We will tailor our cash bar to your taste preferences, have blankets or cooling towels on board, depending on the need.

Narration is an option – light, heavy, or non-existent. We will have our First Mate, Second Mate, and Bartender ready to attend to your every need.. They will start by greeting them in the parking lot and assisting any who need it onboard, and will continue until we say goodbye at the end of the charter with a special token of our gratitude for each of your guests.

If you need extra help with planning, would like to add in some live music or other festivities, we are happy to accommodate and will get you in touch with A-mazing Events, our appropriately named partner, to take care of all those logistics for you.

Family reunions, corporate parties, client courtships, weddings, receptions …. we are here for you and your intimate gathering. Up to 45 guests if you don’t want a sit down dinner – 35 to 40 if you do, depending on how well you know them and how closely you want to sit. Catering charges, if you want catering, are figured out separately.

May & October
Because we really can’t predict the weather, and we don’t know if you will have a fabulous time in a sweater or be shivering inside with 3 blankets wrapped around your shoulders. 2 Hours – weekends or weekdays, day or night, for the same low price of

June, July, August, September
Because we can pretend that we know the weather will be spot on beautiful for each and every booking.
2 Hour Cruise: $1,400
3 Hour Cruise: $1,600

Additional Hours: $350

Corporate Multi-Pack
For those companies with many groups that all want to get on the water for 2 hours, just not together. After all, how much do the IT and Marketing Departments really have in common?

Book 2 cruises for the 2017 season for $950 each
Book 3 cruises for the 2017 season for $850 each

Non-Profit Rate
Thank you for the work that you do to better our communities!
15% off (Does not include small gift for each guest)

Call us at 920-422-6300 to ask questions or book the entire boat for your pleasure! We are waiting by the phone!

Additional services may be purchased to fully customize your experience.